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When it comes to live cam websites, it all comes down to personal preference, and that can mean anything from the type of model to the overall feel of the cam experience.

Most cam sites it seems either fall very decisively into one realm or the other when it comes to this experience though, with some having a very professional feel with models that are undeniably hot and flirtatious, down to those who feature prominently amateur models who have their own charm and give a real sense of realism and unrestricted sexuality to every chat. So it’s nice once in awhile to find a cam site that falls right between these two spectrums. has some great diversity of content as would be expected, offering MILFs, 18 year olds, different ethnicities, and even a Pornstars category. But it’s the mix of what feels like professional models who know how to flaunt their endowments and shy unassuming girl-next-door types that are just starting out in the webcam industry that really gives appeal. Brings A Pleasant Mix Of Professional And Amateur

It’s also really nice to see a layout that puts all the featured models in an easy to view format by listing their age and profile picture. On top of having some models who are just aching to strip down and pleasure themselves to orgasm, another feature of the site we discovered was that there was a wider spread of age than other sites.

As mentioned several categories include MILFs and 18 year olds, but all the ages in between are accounted for (and may be another reason the age of models is displayed so prominently on their profile pics). For those who really have a specific taste regarding maturity, seems to cater almost exclusively to members who have an age in mind when it comes to flirting with women.

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