Average Price per Minute
Cam Models
Watch as Guest?
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Mobile Compatibility
  • Pretty simple to sign up
  • Awesome usability and design
  • Started in the year 2013
3.81 mBTC per minute
  • New users get 9.99 Free Credits
  • Awesome usability on smartphones or tablets
  • 300 broadcasters online at the same time
  • One of the greatest cam sites with 24k+ models
$1.79 - $3.25
  • Free access to the galleries of the models
  • Great quality streams
  • You can add models to a list
$1.24 - $3.99 per minute
  • They allow only amateurs
  • First Peer2Peer webcam page
  • There is no middleman, you will send the coins to the girl
0.005 BTC per minute
  • New users get 120 Free Credits
  • Always around 100 models online
  • Usabilty for mobiles is not the best
  • Pretty much known in the gay community
  • Few models compared to other sites and also expensive
$2.50 - $4.00
  • New users get $15 in free credits
  • Has been one of the first webcam pages
  • Good reviews all over the web for many years already
$2 - $4

Bitcoin Cam Girls – anonymous, fast, secure Live Cam Sex.

One of the greatest things to come out of the fusion of technology and adult entertainment has been, undeniably, the advent of live cam websites. Many of these have risen to popularity for good reason – they allow both men and women to interact with others in an unrestricted and safe environment where they can explore their sexuality and not just bet on sportsbooks on the internet. 😉 And they haven’t been limited to just one demographic.

In general, cam sites offer a subscription or membership, and then permit a user to watch and communicate with a model, ranging from simply flirting to being able to direct them, and it’s no wonder that so many people have taken to this virtual interface. The ability to watch young women, men, and couples pleasure themselves in front of you, from amateurs to models, evokes a certain untapped fantasy that is easy to get behind.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that many of these live cam sites offer (sometimes exclusively) Bitcoin payments.

What is Bitcoin?

In a word, cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a totally online virtual currency that many sites – including adult ones specifically – have come to rely on for a number of reasons.

Why Bitcoin Dominates The Live Cam Scene

There are a number of reasons that cam sites have gone with Bitcoin, but perhaps the most obvious is because of its lightning fast processing. Because it is all based entirely online, it is extremely convenient and fast, and once a transaction is made it shows up immediately – because it’s online, it’s also global, meaning a higher interconnectivity between users and sites that may be on opposite sides of the world. There is also the fact that no one owns Bitcoin, so there is no intermediary involved with a transaction: you simply work one-on-one with a vendor. And also the future of webcams will be bitcoin powered.

While Bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous, there is also a bit more security in terms of identity. While every transaction is recorded on a public ‘block chain’, the benefit of Bitcoin is that (unlike credit cards) you don’t have the same worries of someone trying to hack your account, and you don’t have to worry about a weird or suspicious sounding charge appearing on a credit bill charge. Additionally, many live web cam sites also take the security of their members seriously, and often have their own encryption protocols set up to boost the security (and anonymity) of patrons even further – a quick read through a cam site’s FAQ is a good way to find this information. And also for the newest technology in Porn, Millenials want to pay with Bitcoin for their VR Sex needs.

That doesn’t mean that Bitcoin is perfect though. One downside is the fact that, because it’s not owned by any one company, it is difficult to make a complaint or get a refund on transactions. All transactions are irreversible, so making sure you trust the vendor and double-check what you’re paying for is always key.

The Way Of The Future

In a world that is becoming more and more reliant on online transactions, Bitcoin represents a very fast and convenient method of payment. There a number of exchanges set up on the internet (and available on Bitcoin’s website) that allow users to purchase Bitcoins using the currency of their country, and some offer better equivalent rates than others so doing your research is very important. You can find bitcoin exchanges which support Credit Card payments on this website to buy bitcoin.

While it is possible to use exchanges as a repository for your Bitcoins, the preferred method is to sign up and get an e-Wallet: like the exchanges, there are a number of different options available, each with their own benefits. In general, having a wallet you can transfer your credits into is a safer way to go – be sure to choose a wallet that gives you the key, rather than holding onto it for you.